Position Concentration

Clients and Prospective Clients
> Sales
> Business Development
> Technical Service
> Creative
> Perfumer
> Fragrance
> Flavor Scientist
> Food Technologist
> Food Scientist
> Applications
> Sensory
> New Product Development
> Quality Assurance
> Regulatory Affairs
> Research & Development
> Operations
> Project Management
> Marketing
> Analytical Chemist

We understand your needs to shorten your open requisition days by capturing winning talent and holding on to that talent. At FBI Consultants, we are more than just "placement specialists"
we are "retainment specialists!" Our best relationships are with companies that understand that their future success lies in their ability to strengthen internally. FBI Consultants works closely with our clients to adjust and improve the hiring process and to

                             "Reach Your Industry Pinnacle"

  • Contingency Recruitment - Giving companies a no risk option. You only pay a fee upon the hiring of our talent.
  • Retained Recruitment - If your need is more immediate or the talent skills more in demand, we can dedicate a team of professionals to focus exclusively on your specific solution.
  • On Demand / Contract Staffing - Limited time or short term projects require unique talent. We determine the best talent                     available at the right time for you.